Fondazione ENDISU and ESC-tension 2 at the ECCA 2024 Annual Conference

The European Campus Card Association (ECCA) Annual Conference 2024 took place at Cattolica University in Milan, bringing together more than 110 stakeholders from all over the globe to discuss around the main topic “A European Student eID: defining identification & authentication”.

From 15 to 17 May, participants enjoyed a two-days program full of panels and presentations by Higher Education Institutions, technology providers, and policy makers on the latest innovation on managing and streamlining the Campus Cards and Student eID lifecycle.

Fondazione ENDISU, represented by Andrea Baldin and Lorenzo Costantino, took part in the panel titled “Campus Cards requirements: mobility support and interoperable solutions for all HEIs” along with representative of ISICA, Humboldt University Berlin, EUGLOH Alliance and LMU Munich.

Fondazione ENDISU had the chance to go through a decade of commitment and efforts in promoting the vision of a European Education Area with the student always at the center, and in forging long lasting alliances with like-minded partners.

One highlight of this journey is the definition of the European Student Identifier (ESI) during the ESC Project and its consolidation as a European standard for the Erasmus+ program during the MyAcademicID project. This process shows the importance of designing and testing solutions that are future proof, and how promoting synergies between different projects and partners can lead to relevant and persistent benefits.

Fondazione ENDISU closed the presentation mentioning two projects currently active, both related to the topic of the panel.

The first one, ESC-tension 2, is the second iteration of the Platform aimed at supporting and promoting the adoption of the ESC across Europe, that is now targeting the students with the forthcoming Student Toolbox, that will help them in understating the benefits of the ESC and in clarifying how it works.

The second one, EDU-Home, led by EDUCatt with the support of ACRU and Fondazione ENDISU, is focused on the accommodation process for students and academic personnel during mobility, trying to identify and overcome the barriers that are often preventing mobility students and personnel from finding a suitable housing solution.

A dynamic interaction between the speakers during the panel led to an engaging discussion, and to some interesting questions from the audience, defining this as an important moment of the conference.

The conference, organized by ECCA with the local support of a dedicated team of professionals from EDUCatt, ended after two days, 15 presentations, 9 exhibitors and more than 110 participants from 20 countries, defining it as a relevant success.

© Photo by Boutros Sayegh. All images are property of EDUCatt – Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario dell’Università Cattolica.