Fondazione ENDISU is a network for exchange and collaboration for all the stakeholders engaged in promoting and valuing the right to education. The core mission of the Foundation is to advance the right to education by tackling barriers to access, performance and completion and accompany students in their educational journey.

ENDISU appreciates the value of collaboration and promotes networking. While working with local communities and stakeholders footed in their territorial realities, Fondazione ENDISU successfully promotes the internationalization of higher education in a European dimension, brokering international collaborative projects.

At present, Fondazione ENDISU has an active network with numerous international organisations operating in several EU countries (such as France, Germany, Croatia, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Belgium Greece, etc.) also thanks to EU-funded projects like ESC-tension 2, EDU-Home, SELF, EDSSI 2, EDSSI, ESC-tension among others.


Residences, cleaning and housekeeping services
Food and beverage - Company catering, school, and health food services.
Catering and food services
Food, beverage and retail services
IT and software services