Second meeting for the ESC-tension 2 consortium!

The second meeting of the ESC-tension 2 project was held at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) on 1st July 2024 and all the core partners joined in person.

This meeting was a key moment for the development of the project as the partners have discussed use cases and challenges related to the implementation of the European Student Card (ESC) in depth.

The workshop, following the presentation of the research phase of Work Package 2 “ESC-tension Student Journey” by the leader of this WP – ISIC, was conducted by the coordinator Fondazione ENDISU.

This team work was very useful, leading to great participation and interaction of all the partners. Indeed, they built the basis to identify 10 scenarios that will be the content of the videos, infographics and tools to be developed in details in the next phases of the project, Work Package 3 “ESC-tension Student Toolbox” and Work Package 4 “Integrating the Students Tool-Box into the ESC-tension platform and Pilot Experimentation”.

The core partners will continue to meet online on a monthly basis for coming updates and will meet again in presence in April 2025, hosted by the French partner, Université de Normandie.